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Large Sheepskin Cushion
Large Sheepskin Cushion
Large Sheepskin Cushion
Fibre by Auskin

Large Sheepskin Cushion

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Fibre by Auskin Premium sheepskin cushions are made from the highest quality sheepskins from New Zealand and Australia. Superior in quality and texture, these luxury contemporary cushion add comfort, color and style to any room in your home. A single sheepskin cushion is ideal on your favorite chair or your bed to provide a warm and cozy start to the day. This listing is for the larger of the 2 cushions in the image. See separate listing for smaller size.

The detail...
Dimensions (approximate - as sizes may vary slightly):
50cm x 50cm

About the designer…

At Fibre by Auskin, good design is at the forefront of their thinking. Smart, innovative, design is at the core of what they do. It’s about taking what nature gave us, to create sheepskin products with form and function… and a little bit of flare thrown in for good measure. Combining stunning aesthetics with superior construction is important, because design is in their DNA.