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The Motleys


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Inspired by the Queen's Guards, this dutiful soldier stands tall while keeping a protective watch overall proceedings. Although we’re not too sure if he can see anything with his massive ceremonial hat! 

Part of a range of unique and individual characters, with each wooden part of the entire collection containing magnets that have been carefully imbedded into them to be interchangeable and interactive. These magnetic parts give you the freedom to mix and match any part of any other Motley in the entire collection to create your own.

For every Motley purchased the makers plant 5 trees.


The detail...

Weight - 300g

Size 7.4 x 6.4 x 11cm

Materials: Steel, ash, maple & magnets


About the designer…

The Motleys are a series of decorative wooden figurines that represent different historical and cultural icons from around the world. In creating simple and contemporary stylised characters that are instantly recognisable, the Motleys aim to promote the culture of humanity and equally put a smile on people’s faces. Each of the characters is individually developed to highlight and showcase their prominent and defining features, from specific costume details to facial expressions and of course their distinctive hairstyles and hats.