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NEW Ealing Mug

NEW Ealing Mug

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Commissioned by Curated Collective these stunning LucyLovesThis Ealing mugs were especially designed for our customers and can be purchased via our site or in our store.

Displaying these items in your home would be a great way to celebrate the city area you live in, or to remind someone of Ealing after they've left. These coasters would also be the perfect present for any Ealing-dwelling friends or family - an ideal housewarming gift. 

About the designer…
LucyLovesThis is a small design studio in Brixton, South London. Lucy hand-draws designs inspired by things she loves; and she really loves type, an obsession that flourished during her career as a designer in the publishing industry. Her products all use type in one way or another, be it to create a map or simply in the detail of one letter. The brand is best known for its London alphabet - artworks made up of intricate illustrations, monochrome typography and contain the landmarks and icons that celebrate each place. The range began with the Brixton “B” and was so popular that a whole alphabet followed, chosen based on demand, while much of the content was crowd-sourced from the LucyLovesThis blog. The collection now features over 160 different letters. All products are made and printed in Britain.