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Double Edged Safety Razor
Double Edged Safety Razor

Double Edged Safety Razor

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The Norse thin handled double edged safety razor in Ivory is a classic design that has stood the test of time. It is a great razor for all shavers, whatever you choose to shave. Their traditional single blade razors offer a close, precision shave and look after your skin by shaving once with a sharp blade. Their plastic free, environmentally (and wallet) friendly razors are great for men and women. They also look pretty snazzy and make pleasing bathroom furniture if that’s relevant to you or whoever you share a bathroom with.

The detail...
Made in Sheffield, England
Razor made from steel, brass and chrome. Insert in the handle is made from recycled plastic.
Comes with 5 x razor blades to get you started.

About the designer...
Norse make naturally great grooming products for the bearded, smooth-faced and mustachioed men of the world. Owner and founder, Iain, is a man with a face. He has a pretty splendid beard and much as he wanted a sweet smelling and itch free face mane, he was getting pretty fed up of being a grease monkey with no pennies left in his pocket in his search for an epic beard product. Thus, Norse was born. Their oils, waxes and salves are handmade in Kingston-upon-Thames with natural ingredients. While their razors are produced especially for Norse in the steel capital of the UK, Sheffield.